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Iroshini Ratnapala
4 April 2018





The concept of this model has been constructed building a relationship among 4 dimensions, Task, Teams, Technology and Time gives a clear and complete idea of the whole learning process.

The e-design template mainly organize the learning activities based on different 4 phases which differentiate how the teacher and student access the e-courses. This design specifically targeted for e-learning based modules. It provides clear idea what are the activities should implement and how the learning process is required to follow.


The four main swim lane figure which illustrates the 4T’s design for Lesson 2 of the ‘healthy-eating’ scenario expresses the whole idea of the learning process indicating all the learning activities and their processes.

Even it doesn’t provide a clear idea of what technology is required for developing the activities but gives a clear picture for the teacher how to conduct the course and what type of teaching methodologies are being used for specific activities.


A learning design should be able to give a whole picture clearly to enrich its communicative power. The 4T’s model It covers all the necessary information to develop the learning module based on this design. Such designs are very useful in CSCL to minimise the course development time and blunders in the final development.

This design is very useful for designing e-learning based courses and it helps both the developer and course instructor with the required information. Since the technology is not defined sometimes the actual development might experience a minor variation from the designed depiction.

Applying for my design

I have designed my example using the 4T’s model. Its components are adequate to complete my design in a better form to design narratives. Since the whole design can be represented using one table it gave me a whole picture and the number of activities I should develop in my module.

I could design my example using e-design and not like “healthy eating scenario” it consisted of activities in all 4 phases; Active induction, guided exploration, facilitated the investigation and self-organised learner

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