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Selina - Healthy Eating learning design representations 2018

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Selina Griffin
6 April 2018

I looked at 4Ts and e-design template


4Ts is very readable with a nice flow-chart/streamed illustration (NB this doesn’t seem to be inherent in the methodology but is in its presentation). The 4Ts seem to be very sensible, and easily understood with obvious categories that make for interesting reading.

E-design is more subtle/nuanced.  In a situation such as this where we are talking more of a closed exercise, the model is not used as fully (eg only 2 scaffolds not 4 used), which seems to be "wasting" some of it. Requires a greater level of understanding of the basics/basic pedagogy


E-design is more pedagogical, less factual, harder to draw out who is doing what. 4Ts is less emphasis on feedback or assessment so it can be hard to know when this is taking place.


Both have much to commend them and illustrate clearly the tasks/activities necessary. Perhaps 4Ts is too simplistic for some more sophisticated or long term (eg a whole year of study/project) activities, which lends itself more to an e-design aproach.


I think both could express my task with 4Ts clearly mapping out what was going on with more emphasis on my planning sections than we would see in e-design where for necessity it involves the student, however this would better show the development of the learner which is what my exercise was after, the learner to be able to carry out and develop the task independently of the teacher.


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