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Graham Scott: Representations review

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Graham Scott
7 April 2018

The T-4 model and the CADMOS model immediately strike me as the two most user-friendly representations.

The T4 model in particular offers a very clear linear progression. Nice that it uses simple shapes, and sub-divides columns where necessary without it becoming 'messy'. It seems to me that this method would probably be perfectly sufficient for most purposes; though  I suspect that there may be limitations, perhaps if the development is very complex. Even so, I cannot at present think of an example which might demonstrate this.

The CADMOS model adds an extra level of complexity, with the conceptual model and the flow model. I am not convinced by the conceptual model: in the example given, it seems to do little besides present the information in a left-to-right order, rather than the top-to-bottom order of the flow model. Both diagrams seem, too, relatively 'busy' compared to the T4 model: the various icons used don't seem to me to really add anything to one's understanding. T4 also gets all the information more neatly into one diagram.

For my own project (described in the W800 forums) T4 would probably be the best fit. The project is relatively simple, both in terms of its development and delivery, with only a degree of 'handshaking' between the course administrators and the users. 

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