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H800 Cloudquest challenge

Cloud created by:

Janette Mclean
8 April 2018


  • How many people with the firstname "Patrick" are registered with cloudworks?
  • I found 15 people who are registered with Cloudworks who had rhe first name of Patrick.
  • How many people are registered with cloudworks from "The Open University"?
  • I am not sure of the exact total, but i sumise in excess of 800
  • How many people are following Rebecca Galley?
  • 238 people 
  • Name three of the people Juliette Culver is following
  • Grainne Conde, Andrew Brasher, Paul Clark.
  • Find an interesting cloud on collaborative learning
  • Collaboration, feedback and learning. John Baglow 12/2/16
  • Find a cloudscape that was set up for a conference
  • CALRG Conferencece 2016. Annual Conference held at OU Milton Keynes. 6/6/16 - 8/6/16.
  • Find a cloud you thiink is particularly interesting, say why you like it
  • The cloud i found most interesting was Vibeke Fussing and my reason was he is so down to earth with his comments. I found his cloud quite humurous, as he communicated with the back talk from his mind. He encouraged me to persevere and create my first cloud, as my patience was flagging, with all the information i had to find to conplete this challenge. 
  • What can you find in the site on mindmapping tools? 
  • I found and Compendium LD
  • What kinds of clouds and cloudscapes have been tagged with the word "twitter"?
  •  I found H800 Survey on Teaching and Learning Technology Toolls on cloud. Cloudscape tag was Web 2.0 tools in Teaching and Learning. 
  • What's the latest cloud that has been added to the site?
  • I am unsure of this, it could be mine.
  • What is the latest link that has been added to the flash debate cloudscape? 
  • Not sure where i can find the latest link even though i did a search.
  • What three words would you use to describe cloudworks?
  • The three words i would describe cloudworks are, Labourious, Confusing and  Challlenging.




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