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Course design for QCF level 5 HSC

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Bev Parkinson
16 April 2018

When I started my current job role the curriculum team was still designing some of the course content to aid the transference to a distance learning model of delivery. The new team that had been put together to deliver the qualification were asked to design a webinar that centred on one of the key themes of the qualification and then publish this for use by other members of the team. We worked in relative isolation on these but confirming to a general layout and then the design team tidied them up and made them accessible for use. We were trying to design a set of on line sessions that could be delivered in a standardised approach on a continuing basis. We have found that the exercise has provided some clear standardisation across the modules but we haven’t had the take up that we had hoped for. Learners have not subscribed to the on-line environment as much as we had hoped they would. There is a clear need to look at the learning culture in this field and try to understand this and develop this before making such a drastic change to the learning model.

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