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H800 Healthy Eating representations

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Janette Mclean
25 April 2018

I chose the 4 T's and e-Design Template.

Readability : The 4 Ts design consisting of Tasks, Teams,Technology and Time which breaks down the categories into the 4 T's core areas is easy to read and breakdown the activities.The e-Design diifers slighlty where its core areas are grouped together.

Expressiveness: Both designs has a constructivist style, the diagrams reminds me of flow charts that i used in electronics, even though the 4 Ts and e-Design diagrams have more detail. Navigation around the designs were easier to understand.

Utility: The overview for both designs is provided and my only criticism is that i had to print out the designs to see the full design, as the scroll down/up did not work as it should.

Design  adequacy: Both designs are adequate for the purpose of their expression. My preferred design was the 4 Ts design which encourages the thought flow and how it would facilitate the study programme.

Design Benefits: For me the e-Design is almost like the precursor to 4 Ts Design. Both allow the user to quickly understand the key points of the design before delivering the design to the learner.



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