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Research of the latest Web 2.0 and 3.0 interactive tools for teaching and learning.

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Janette Mclean
25 September 2018


I am Post graduate student who has designed a reseach learning activity that will help teachers incorporate technology in their planning of their pedagogy.


Technology for Education 2.0 is now an important aspect of pedagogy today, so therfore it would using tools to innovate and disseminate eduction to the learners that resonates with their use of technology to enhance their learning experience. The tools for education use is growing year by year, so i came up with a design to assist Practitoners to help them develop their skills using the internet to find these resources to enhance their experience with navigation and information each chosen tools can provide to enhance their pedagogy. The students autonomy will be exercised predominately by the choices they make on which technnology to research and evaluate on the wiki.


The student group has been asked to read and listen to the design specification of the research activity.

Find three of the most recent technology tools that would be useful to disseminate into formal/informal education.

The site will provide internet resource, library tips resource. Resources to enable students with disabilities. Twiiter to collaborate with the cohort. Wiki to post their evaluations and comments. Duplication is likely but the different perspective will be intersting assessment of each posting. The group forum is provided for collaboration and the sharing of ideas, tags, htmls and additonal issues with the learning activity.

This task will encourage surfing the internet and evaluation of the technology and advantages or disadvantges for use in education. The learning activity assessment is to encourage utilisaton of technology, evaluation and collaboration.


The reults will be recorded when the resarch and assessments of the wiki posts by the tutor who has advised the students through the group forum and tweets on Twitter.


Students are asked to reflect onthe learning experience and evaluaate how paricipation in this learning activity has enabled their integration of technology in their pedagogy. 

Tutor reflects on how to disseminate and recalibrate the stages in the design with other practitioners, to use the lesson model for a group discussion on how to enhance the programme of study.



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