SAT: Jekyll and Hyde: An Alternative Mini-MOOC Curated on Trello (Annette Hendley)

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Annette Hendley
6 January 2019

Literature evaluation benefits from multiple perspectives (Savonick, 2018), and collaboration, communication and problem solving are viewed as key 21st century skills (Lombardi, 2007; Johnson et al., 2015). Creating and curating an alternative mini-MOOC using Trello addresses these requirements.

‘Lack of proper information on how to search relevant OER’ (Athabasca University. and Raisamo, 2000), and the skills to find ‘fit for purpose’ (Kawachi, 2014) resources can influence students’ and teachers’ perception of open resources.

This project delivers a set of  reusable learning materials, using the Trello software platform, to support students with a set GCSE literature text ,The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (AQA, nd). The powerful theme of duality in humans is as relevant for the 21st century as it was for Victorian Britain (Rankin, 2010). The BBC Bitesize website contains comprehensive study material on the text (BBC Bitesize, nd), but it has to be accessed online, and the resources are not downloadable or reusable. Revision questions are mainly multiple choice type which doesn’t allow for real ‘problem solving’ and ‘deep thinking’, nor ‘collaboration’ (Brown, 2018). Other valuable resources available are mainly university and individual school resources, which are available online, but without an obvious licence that allows for reuse or adaptation.

Within the conference theme of implementation, this project therefore has as its goal a collection of resources, addressed by chapter in a MOOC-like style. It deviates from MOOC’s as resources will be reusable and adaptable with a focus on problem solving, rather than multiple choice question. Students would benefit most from attempting it collaboratively. While the focus is on revision and study for GCSE students, it has the potential to be of value to a wider audience. Literature has many interpretations and can be influenced by personal context, culture and perceptions. Collaborative perspectives can therefore only add to a deeper understanding and appreciation of the text.

Trello is a project management website, but there is evidence that it can be used successfully as an educational curation and collaboration work space (Bettstetter, 2016; Martin K, 2018; Moon, 2018). Apart from being a collaborative space, the main advantage is the ability to upload and download adaptable resource documents and to create links to other available resources.

The OER Research Hub found that ‘the more educators used OER, the more willing they were to share’(Weller et al., 2018). Hopefully users of this project material will be prepared to share their repurposed resources to help build a workspace voicing a variety of perspectives and interpretations to aid better understanding and enjoyment of the text and its value. ‘Optimising the usability of the teaching and learning materials produced is one of the most important challenges involved in developing OERs’ (Whitfield and Robinson, 2012).

The conference presentation will discuss:

  • the value of reusable open resources.
  • Jekyll and Hyde as a text choice and the importance of collaboration in analysing texts.
  • the effectiveness of Trello as a curating space.
  • what is meant by ‘an alternative mini-MOOC’.
  • plans for dissemination.



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Conference Poster: Jekyll and Hyde: An Alternative Mini-MOOC curated on Trello

Conference Poster: Jekyll and Hyde: An Alternative Mini-MOOC curated on Trello

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Kelly Williams
4:18pm 17 January 2019

Hi Annette, this is great, looking forward to your talk. I'm just getting back in the swing of things after an unexpected long period of illness.

After reading your abstract, going to check out the Martin reference on Trello as I had not come across that one.

It's a shame I'm on after Robin de Rosa and not you as your citation regarding publishing 'flawed work' would go well after her talk! 


Annette Hendley
5:03pm 17 January 2019

Hi Kelly. Thank you. I need to tidy up the extract a bit. Have a look on Martin K's blog Mind-Lab Journey. There isn't much, but he explains how he involves the students and their parents on Trello doing maths.

Robin is very inspiring in her passion for sharing education and I love the idea of 'flawed work'. Especially in literature where there are so many ideas and interpretations that one person can never extract all these possibilities from a text. 

Glad you are back.


patrick shearer
8:37pm 20 January 2019

Hi Annette, Really happy to see how your work has evolved. Enjoyed your poster and glad you seem to have nailed the audio narrative. You and Kelly have really captured my imagination. Congratulations

Annette Hendley
10:14pm 20 January 2019

Thanks Patrick, that is very kind of you. 

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