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OLnet: shaping up the network

Contributions from Monterey meeting participants on the shaping of OLnet

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Andreia Inamorato Dos Santos
5 March 2009

Comments and ideas on how OLnet can be shaped to best serve the interests of the OER community are welcome in this space!

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OLnet panel at OER meeting: Grainne talks through the various channels in which the conference was recorded: Cloudworks, Flickr, Twitter and Compendium.

Candace: Introduces one f OLnet projects and asks for volunteer participants: Integrating individual learning and group knowledge.

Patrick: summarises some of the issues posted in the clouds.  Shows a wordle that highlights the hot topics of the discussions: quality, sustainability, feedback. 

Projects suggested are about: metrics, incentives, access, mapping, localisation, standards, copyright etc. The first four are the most popular.  

Patrick invites participants to contribute with ideas in the clouds for the projects.  

12:26am 19 May 2009

I'd be interested in

1. A Single Sign On from each participant's institution (say to cloudworks with a link to/from our community page ( ) to this domain's (


2. A revision of msg to make it a shared app between participant's domains. And development of


3. Development of a way to classify cloudscapes in order to encourage a more systematic (networking) approach than tagging.(and encourage more librarians into the clouds). 



4. A wider Comment box

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