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29 December 2008

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Tina Wilson
10:17am 27 February 2009

Overview of event has just be given Li Yuan. CETIS role now being explained by Sheila MacNeill.

Tina Wilson
10:19am 27 February 2009

Working groups to complement the SIGS

Tina Wilson
10:21am 27 February 2009

Working group looking at use of widgets and another working group focusing on cloud computing.


Would like to set up an OER working group.


Links available on CETIS website

Tina Wilson
10:30am 27 February 2009

Andy Lane


'The institutional impact of OpenLearn for the OU'.


OER need to be taken seriously.


OU followed momentum of OER development with Hewlett funding.


OER fit with mission of OU and chance to look at elearning and to conduct research in this area.


A chance to draw in content from other providers and promote worldwide collaborations.




Tina Wilson
10:38am 27 February 2009

Andy Lane 2


Lots of different types of assets used in OpenLearn


End Jan 09 3.7 million visitors from 220 countries.


People using content where it is. Some people adding to the content - compendium maps, posts etc Sussex Learning Network have used the LabSpace.



Tina Wilson
10:39am 27 February 2009

The right format is the one the user wants to use whether that be OUXML or one of the other available formats.

Tina Wilson
10:42am 27 February 2009

Andy Lane 4


Different types of user behaviour - FM, compendium downloads, forum posts, learning journal, 10'000 units printed etc.

Sheila MacNeill
10:51am 27 February 2009

Openlearn seems to have had an impact on course registration and it has doubled the Uni's web presence

Sheila MacNeill
10:52am 27 February 2009

9,000 people have registered on a course during the same session as looking at OpenLearn

Tina Wilson
10:53am 27 February 2009

Andy Lane 5


Supporting Widening Participation - OpenLearn accessible to those who cannot easily access education.


International partnerships some have been research led.


Engaging with Business and the community


Helps students to make course choices -students can try out course materials


Increased enquiries about courses as a result of OpenLearn - 9000+ registrations


Has increased visibility of the OU and attracted awards. 



Sheila MacNeill
10:55am 27 February 2009

as well as content, people do want a relationship with the University and/or other users. OpenLearn trying to assess success through tangible benefits which align with the aims/objectives of the University.  OER needs to align with longer term activities as well as the day to day ones

Sheila MacNeill
10:56am 27 February 2009

Sustainability - now looking at how to embed lessons from OpenLearn.  Need to look at new business models

Tina Wilson
10:56am 27 February 2009

Andy Lane 6 - conclusions


OER attract people, people want a relationship, OER work needs to align with day to day and longer term activities, need to look for more business models - advertising, value added services, disagregated services

Sheila MacNeill
10:57am 27 February 2009

No accreditation for openlearn courses at the moment - but you can use it for evidence of prior learning in some circumstances.  

Sheila MacNeill
11:04am 27 February 2009

c3k to produce an hours worth of content - typically. But repurposing existing material much cheaper. Long term creating content for open learn will be part of their natural production cycle.

Sheila MacNeill
11:13am 27 February 2009

Patrick explaining the rationale for the type of CC licence OpenLearn has gone with - and telling us to let our minds be blown a bit.

Tina Wilson
11:15am 27 February 2009

Patrick Mc Andrew


'Learning from OpenLearn'


Various stages or issues including copyright - Creative commons licence was not too expensive.

Change of attitudes - see OER as a way to start to share content


4 million users, won awards, developed technology etc


Chris Douce
11:16am 27 February 2009

General question: what will be the extent that external contributions may inspire the development or enhancement of existing courses that are run by an institution? Will there be or could there be a process to assess the significance of external contributions to OER resources?

Sheila MacNeill
11:17am 27 February 2009

they have tried to look at OER in terms of students and making access to content as easy as possible. Seeing the world as "your learner" has been key to the project.

Tina Wilson
11:18am 27 February 2009

Patrick Mc Andrew 2


It was good to have a LearningSpace and a Labspace where the material was available without having to log in.


Other projects such as OUNL are getting into accreditation. 

Sheila MacNeill
11:20am 27 February 2009

getting stuff out there is key - it is easy to get hung up on creating the perfect resource. It is more important to concentrate on allowing easy access.

Tina Wilson
11:20am 27 February 2009

Patrick Mc Andrew 3


Important to improve the experience for the learner


Some users are interested in the social network connected to Openlearn others to the content.

David Kernohan
11:21am 27 February 2009

The "piloty" nature of OpenLearn really coming across today - it's heartening to see how many unknowns that the OU had (and still have) in planning this project!

Tina Wilson
11:22am 27 February 2009

Patrick Mc Andrew 4


Trust your users - in openlearn it has not been misplaced.

Tina Wilson
11:24am 27 February 2009

Patrick Mc Andrew 5


Not much evidence of taking our content away and reworking it.



Tina Wilson
11:25am 27 February 2009

Patrick Mc Andrew 6


lots of people with good intentions but a lack of time is a big barrier.

Tina Wilson
11:26am 27 February 2009

Patrick Mc Andrew 7


OLnet Open learning network officially starting 1st March.

Andreia Inamorato Dos Santos
11:27am 27 February 2009

 Patrick McAndrew 5:


Time is an issue in developing OERs. Users have good intentions

but very often are too busy to dedicate time for developing materials and 

reusing existing ones. 


Tina Wilson
11:42am 27 February 2009

Sarah Darley


POCKET project


6 whole modules into self contained OER units


Used OU XML schema


Encouraged users to use learning journal, forums etc

David Kernohan
11:58am 27 February 2009

Russell Stanard speaking now - very much a grass roots OER approach but with high visibility and a good user rate. Loath to use the term #edupunk here but it can be argued...

Tina Wilson
12:09pm 27 February 2009

Russell Stannard


Writes an artile called web watcher in English Teaching Professional.


Has developed a set of training video sequences for using different technologies for readers of the magazine and then for students. 


Changed the way that he teaches as can now do so much more hands on work rather than teaching the students how to use Director etc.


Numbers of students applying to do the course seems to have increased as a result of how the video sequences have been received on the Internet

Tina Wilson
12:16pm 27 February 2009

Individual approaches are very different to the OpenLearn approach

Tina Wilson
12:18pm 27 February 2009

CClearn useful to check out

Tina Wilson
12:20pm 27 February 2009

Simple approaches can work well for reuse of OER

Sheila MacNeill
1:15pm 27 February 2009

now presentation about the lessons learned from the RePRODUCE project about re-using content

Sheila MacNeill
1:29pm 27 February 2009

although templates provided for licences -people still a bit unsure about how to personalise them 

Tina Wilson
1:31pm 27 February 2009

Casper project Liam Earney, Heather Williams


Advice and best practice


IPR a major issue


Help and guidance very helpful


Need a level of institutional support


Difficult to get permission to reuse material from other universities. Only 14% found this task easy.


An absence of clear rights statements or common accepted terminology


The type of rights being sought affects whether permission is given.


It can take between 10 hours and a number of months to receive clearance. 



Sheila MacNeill
1:34pm 27 February 2009

what projects want from JISC re IPR/copyright - for JISC to do it for them

Tina Wilson
1:37pm 27 February 2009

Casper project Liam Earney, Heather Williams


'Sustainability - how does one develop the communities of users around these resources that will keep them up to date, available and used'.

Sheila MacNeill
1:37pm 27 February 2009

Need a critical mass of content for any number of ordinary academics to engage with OER

Sheila MacNeill
1:44pm 27 February 2009

Common misconceptions surrounding CC - lots of people assume that CC means completely open and don't understand the different flavours of CC


Tina Wilson
1:53pm 27 February 2009

Amber Thomas


It is not easy to use a template or a work flow for IPR

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