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Digital Dialogue Games (DDG)

A presentation from JISC funded Digital Dialogue Games Project: 'Deploying dialogue games to engage students in collaborative

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Canan Blake
23 March 2009

This paper by Enzian Baur, Andrew Ravenscroft, Musbah Sagar and Simon Schofield presents one of the case studies from multi-partner DDG project funded by JISC. At the Open University we also carried out case studies and our presentation about this work is tomorrow afternoon.

Andrew is presentaing a view of cyber learner with, multi screens and activities. In this environment digital dialogue games scaffold particular forms of reasoned dialogue, structure and constrain interaction and provide learner centred, media rich space.

The project worked with 350 students and 10 tutors in a number of universities. In London Metropolitan University one of the groups was Interaction Design students. They found that DDG engaged students in small group discussion, demonstrated balanced contributions, and the content generated was used for assessment. The transcript of discussion was valuable for students because they could prove the ownership of ideas.


DDG satisfied a pressing need, i.e. learning and learning together

Bridged everyday informal digital behavior and academic practices



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