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Documenting your project in flickr can be used for documentation of images and text related to project work, data collected as work is done.

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Frances Bell
30 March 2009

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With student project work, we often demand documentation of products and require some record of the process, often to support the valuable reflection that can maximise student learning.  In a dissertation, one of the most illuminative questions can be What would you have done differently?

Here is an example of the documentation of a craft project - making 2 Ixus camera cases for friends/family.week. I experimented with recording the process on my site. 2 colleagues and I are starting a new ‘Digital Literacy’ style Year 1 undergraduate module, and I wanted to see if this might work for a student activity.

Here are the finished products,


and the visual project notebook covering  design and process is also on You can view this is a slideshow (best to click Show Info option) at
or visit the set and view the images one by one.

Digital media (particularly once every student has an image/video/audio/internet device in their pocket) should make the capturing of work as it happens very easy.  Blogs (as time-stamped streams of messages) are already used as project diaries, but for work with a visual element, is an alternative.  An image of a whiteboard is a much quicker and less formal way of recording decisions and designs agreed in a meeting. offers images and associated text, with a slideshow for ‘book’ format.  Social network sites offer easy to use methods of combining different media that can be presented streams or feeds.

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Gráinne Conole
8:40pm 12 September 2009

Really interesting Frances - I think it demonstrates the added value of creating digital records of learning artefacts. I was recently at my niece's Art graduation show at Winchester - some amazing stuff (most of which I didnt understand I confess) but mostly "of the moment' gone after the show which seemed such a waste. Creating digital images and videos are a means of perserving it, add in a social dimension and it potentially takes on a life of its own!

Frances Bell
8:32am 14 September 2009

Thanks Grainne.  I think there is a lot we have to learn about how to create digital records of project work.  Based on my experience with this one, I suspect that less is more - even serial (is that the word?) media like video and audio would be better to be brief.  It reminds me of experiences with student placement log books, where the really useful parts were not the lengthy descriptions but their short term summaries/ reflections (on say a week) that they could look back on to see how things change over weeks and months.

So it would be interesting to look at approaches for capturing outcomes, mistakes, reflections, etc. and weave them into a reflective narrative over time.

Will Pollard
8:30am 23 June 2012

This is slightly off toopic but I notice two of the images on Plan -Do -Check/Study Act don't load from Flickr. Have they changed the code? Has Cloudworks? 

It always seems a bit complicated. How to get round this? Download the image and upload directly? Mention Flickr somewhere else?


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