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Livemocha online language learning community space

A web 2.0 site for connecting language learners

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Gráinne Conole
31 March 2009

Livemocha is an interesting web 2.0-based site which aims to connect language learning with native speakers internationally. Language learning is an obvious candidate for harnessing the power of web 2.0 practices given the centrality of communication as part of the learning process. 

The site is desribed as follows:

Social Language Learning - Online

  • Learn at your own pace with fun online language lessons
  • Connect with foreign language partners around the world


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Graham Davies
12:49pm 25 July 2010

There are several social network sites of this sort - i.e. where you can learn from native speakers, either teachers or "buddies" who teach you their language in return for you teaching them your language. See the list in Section 14.9 on Tandem Learning,  Module 1.5 at the ICT for Language Teachers website:

The "buddy" system also features in Second Life.


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