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OCW Infrastructure

breakout discussion of infrastructure issues for OCWC

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Sheila MacNeill
21 April 2009

breakout discussion of infrastructure issues for OCWC.  What are the key infrastructure issues for the OCW site and members? Do we really understand how people search and then use OCW/OERs just now?

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Sheila MacNeill
7:43pm 21 April 2009

Search and discovery of OER resources is key. How can we optimize search and discovery tools?  

Sheila MacNeill
7:44pm 21 April 2009

Effective filtering mechanisms are needed to ensure that relevant search results are returned to users. 

Sheila MacNeill
7:52pm 21 April 2009

We need to understand more how people actually search for open course ware.  How can we make it less time consuming and simplier?

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