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Stand-alone pre-calculus math modules

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Cindy Ives
27 April 2008

Just-in-time instructional modules for students currently registered in a calculus course who need some remediation or a refresher of math skills needed in calculus. Modules are being developed using Flash and the Cognitive Tutor Authoring Tool (CTAT), example-tracing tutor model. Intention is to place these modules in a learning object repository, so that they can be re-used and re-purposed by others. Focus is on providing as much interactivity as possible, as well as supportive feedback that encourages learner persistence. [Cindy Ives]

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Ali Press
12:29pm 12 December 2008

Please could you update this with the URL?

Cindy Ives
6:04pm 1 July 2010

These modules are now complete and available for use or re-use at the link or from learning object repositories such as WikiEducator and Merlot.

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