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Making it easier for students through the use of technology

Talk by Mark Glynn (Institutes of Technology, Ireland), 11 May at ISKS conference

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Gráinne Conole
11 May 2009

•    Lighting your workload despite continuous assessment
•    Don’t be lead by the technology, use it in a way that is meaningful for you
•    Important to integrate the technology, rather than bolt it on
•    Dual paradigms: technologies with amazing affordances but a teacher approach which is outdated and teacher-focused
•    Why bother investing the time? Marking loads of assessments, tired of handling loads of lab books and scripts, facilitate more group work with less administration, means of providing individual feedback
•    Teaching – continuous assessment, what’s so good about VLEs, types of assignment, online quizzes, quiz strategies, managing your grading. The SIF project: portal, increasing capacity
•    Online quizzes: quizzes, websites, glossaries, discussion
•    Offline: quiz, lab notebook, in class assessment, presentations
•    Examples: Revision after each topic, lab work, continuous assessment, allocating choice of activity or groups, online quizzes, effective strategies, student information

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