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Method: 8LEM Hybrid Model

Flashcards to describe the learner/teacher roles for 8 core learning activities, Ulster University

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15 March 2008


This model provides a simple and transparent method of articulating the interactions and activities of teachers and learners using universal concepts and language to allow dissemination across disciplines and institutions.

  • Click on the link above for a pdf version of the cards to print and cut out.

It describes learning activities as a series of understandable and universal set of learning events where the teachers and students experience and roles are clearly defined at each stage.

The strength of this method is its transparency, use of plain English and its potential in breaking down effective complex learning activities into a generic, re-usable format so that good practice can be disseminated, reapplied and evaluated easily. [taken from the NI(CETL) website]

Extra content

The University of Bolton has been developing an 8LEM Wookie Widget.

"A web application designed to aid the development of course / lesson planning. With the goal of supporting as broad a range of tasks as possible the application tries to strike a good balance between prescriptive and open-ended use-cases."

Their blog with progress updates can be found here:

Rebecca Galley
10:28 on 12 November 2012

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Slide of 8-LEM model

Slide of 8-LEM model

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