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Audio feedback using MS Word

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Rodger Graham
27 April 2008

Tutors can embed sound clips as feedback in essays submitted by students. This can be more personal and faster than using TrackChanges or just typing notes. [Rodger Graham]

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Linda Roesch
9:33pm 18 March 2009

I am currently conducting some research to offer my faculty some alternatives for providing audio feedback. One of them is to embed audio in word documents. If you have used this before, have you ever had issues with file size?

I am also considering using Adobe Pro (smaller files but software is pricey).

Audacity - for just MP3 files only

Handheld MP3 recorders - for MP3 files only

Wink (freeware) - records screens live so the word document can be marked as narration is presented.

Any thoughts/experience with any of these?



Gráinne Conole
10:30am 19 March 2009

I use audacity alot and find it really useful. I know also that some people are downloading an itunes app which allows you to do podcasts easily on the iphone very neat!


Alison Mead Richardson
12:07pm 19 March 2009

What a great idea ... especially for distance learners. I am about to start a distance teacher training project in Solomon Islands and I can see how we could use this simple idea to reduce distance between learners and the centre. We were also planning to use Audacity anyway. Thanks!

Andrew Brasher
3:44pm 19 March 2009

Nitin Parmar at Bath Uni has blogged about audio feedback, prompted by presentation  by Dr. Jo Phoenix, from the School of Applied Social Sciences at Durham University.

Introducing Audio Feedback

His post includes some useful  info about using audio feedback in moodle.


Gráinne Conole
7:22am 20 March 2009

Hi the itunes app for the iPhone is called iTalk

Andrew Middleton
3:04pm 3 August 2009

I am organising A Word In Your Ear 2009 - a conference for those interested in using digital audio feedback. You can find out more at:

Gráinne Conole
6:47am 5 August 2009

@Andrew Middleton sounds interesting! Great title!! I think audio has alot to offer as an alternative means of presentation. As a Spanish learner I find having audio on in the car invaluable. It would be great to be able to summarise the pros and cons of audio as compared to text, maybe that is something that might come out of your conference.

Peter Evans
4:21am 28 November 2009

I am also using audio feedback when marking electronic assignments and find it another useful approach. Rather than record all the feedback in a single file then return it, I record the audio directrly into Word as an embedded comment. These comments are less than 1 minute but they are very targetted to the particular piece of text and I might include 4 or 5 in a single assignment. Sound Recorder is used to record the comment and it allows you to convert the audio to a MP3 file at abut 200 kB per minute so the file size is not too big a problem.  I find the audio to be particularly good when I am giving encouragement or wanting to convey more global feedback. I tend to use text, links, images and tables when the feedback is about a more specific issue. Another advantage of embeddeding the feedback in Word is that it is very easy to reuse the audio or other comments in future assignments.

You can see an example of of marking an assignment in this way at:
and an audio comment is inserted at about 4:20 into the 10 minute demo

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