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Predicting the future of ICT

Some thoughts from Tim O'Shea at CALRG 09 conference

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Gráinne Conole
18 May 2009

Predictions for the future


  • Extreme computing – for example HeCTOR at Edinburgh University
  • Sensible computing – quite smart
  • Democratic computing – wikis, ejournals
  • Hybrid system – all modalities
  • Learner/research continuum
  •  Big issue – Electronic assessment
  • Non-issue - assess



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Patrick McAndrew
9:33am 18 May 2009

Tim O'Shea. Looked at the history and survival of CALRG over Leeds CBL, Xerox Parc, MIT LOGO - all now gone. The basis for CALRG was very democratic but soundly linked to ideas and skills that fitted to the OUs needs. His look to the future bringing out: Extreme (speckle computing), sensible (applied AI that works) and democratic computing (wikis and eJournals). And hbrid systems. Softer areas are learner/researcher merging together. His big issues was electronic assessment - but flagging up the supposed digital divide as a "non issue". CALRG itself was described as having several reasons to exist - but leading with knowing the future and especially being a "Happy and Jolly Community".

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