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Mentoring, metacognition and music to mobile learning

John Cook talk at CALRG09 conference

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Gráinne Conole
18 May 2009


Reflections on a 16-yearresearch journey from mentoring, metacognition and music to Mobile learning

Cooperative problem seeingdialogues in learning Cook 2000

  • Does not focus on winning the argument or persuading your partner
  • Instead involves an acceptance by participants that they will attempt to find and refine a problem specification
  • A problem specification is a description of a problem that is interesting or novel
  • Creative discourse in music
  • Empirical work – model of interaction and learning and computer-based learning support
  • Meta-muse – computational implementation
  • Metamuse is a pedagogical agent that has been designed to adaptively structure interactions between pairs of cooperative learners
  • Tried to generate musical ideas to get people thinking
  • Conclusion– claim that metamuse encouraged problem seeking

Going for a localwalkabout: putting urban planning education in context with mobile phones Cook,2009

  • To provide a contextualised social and historical account of urban education, focusing on systems and beliefs that contribute to the construction of the surrounding discourses
  • Going round London exploring how schools have changed over the last century
  • Part of CONTSENS EU project
Future work
Learning pathways across multiple contexts for learning 

Learner generated context



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Canan Blake
1:11pm 18 May 2009

I am thinking, it cannot be easy do do two things (music and academia) side by side like John is doing, but would like to get to a gig now, :-).

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