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InterLoc project

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Gráinne Conole
18 May 2009

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InterLoc is the latest IM tool from LTRI that supports Digital Dialogue Games for learning and thinking (see Ravenscroft, 2007). These structure, scaffold and organise collaborative multimedia dialogues that are highly engaging, foster reasoned discourse and lead to greater meaning making within the contemporary learning landscape.

It incorporates an environment which supports: a multi-phased activity model (e.g. preparation, interaction, reflection and personalisation stages); and, the use of particular dialogue games (e.g. critical discussion and reasoning, exploratory dialogue and creative thinking) that foster different styles of ‘academic’ discourse and reasoning. The approach is particularly suited to groups of 4-8 students.

The activities and dialogue games can be reused or adapted to address particular educational problems and contexts. The tool is highly flexible, and can support a range of pedagogical approaches, from informal student-centred learning activities to more formal course related exercises. 

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Patrick McAndrew
1:42pm 19 May 2009

Canan at CALRG09 described Interloc and how it can be used to structure argumentation. The eg as setting out issues for discussion about DNA database. It was evaluated with volunteer OU students who also discussed creationism in science. The evaluation used immediate and delayed feedback which helps as people change their view. A further study used family care workers using the system in the workplace.
Looking across several evaluation there are different sorts of discussion going on. The ideal would be to get a balance which did not happen. Results showed OU students could use the tool and grew to appreciate the use of openers. The deign of the experience is a key element but the argumentation tool approach encourages an inclusive approach.

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