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What is this open thing anyway?

Patrick McAndrew talking at CALRG 09

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Gráinne Conole
18 May 2009

What does ‘openness’mean to the OU?

“Perry told his newstaff to design the teaching system to suit an individual working in alighthouse off the coast of Scotland”

OPEN = contained,controlled and costs AND available accessible all inclusive and supported

Digital divide isstill out there but its not for us to solve…

OpenLearn – gone openwith our learning materials and have learnt a lot about what people like aboutthis

Shift to OpenEducational Resources – OER and associated designs is a newinitiative trying to take this forward

Openness is acombination of ‘learn’/’share’/’communicate’ or openness can drive theconnections between these

OPEN unlimited, freed,free AND available, accessible, connected, empowered

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