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Downstream from the SOURCE

Diana Laurillard talking at CALRG 09

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Gráinne Conole
18 May 2009

Downstream from theSOURCE – a continuing journey in learning design

Principles of SOURCE project (1999 – 2001)


  • Innovative teaching – Schön
  • CoP Wenger
  • Koper 2002 learning units
  • Laurillard and McAndrew 2002 paper embed good practice can then  share


Take something thathad proved itself and then adapt it so that it could become reusable

Prove, adapt,customise, implement, evaluate

Example: A sequence toelicit and compare learner constructs for paintings?

Could take thislearning design and adapt it for a different context – Chemistry

Implementable in alearning design activity sequences such as LAMS

A reusable pedagogy –capture the pedagogy

This is possible be requiresvery careful guidelines in practice

Follow on work –Reusable educational software library – Beetham 2002

Then moved todevelopment of a national e-learning strategy with the DfES – Harnessing technology

JISC Design forlearning programme 2006-2008

Pedagogy Plannerproject

TLRP/TechnologyEnhanced Learning (2007-2011)

LDSE Learning DesignSupport Environment

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Patrick McAndrew
3:23pm 18 May 2009

Diana Laurillard - starting point was the SOURCE project which I also worked on. This has also been the source for some my own views on reuse. Diana went through the source reuse cycle - of prove, make generic, reuse, evaluate. The example was Art Explorer reused for exploring classification of chemistry. She has updated to use the terminology of learning design and the tools of LAMS to illustrate the way reuse can work. Via her work on the DfES eLearning strategy she then looked at design for learning and the learning design support environment project supported under the teaching and learning research programme. Diana presented the way underlying designs can be chosen and used: more at The view is of the teacher as researcher on learning technologies.

Juliette Culver
12:20pm 19 May 2009

SoURCE project

  • Take pre-existing resource, find other contexts that could be customised to (and produce generic version). Evaluate whole process
  • Three products: first learning design and lesson, generic learning design and lessons, second learning design and lessons.
  • Example of Art Explorer allowed learners to think about comparing properties of paintings before starting to read difficult texts. Adapted for use for chemistry students analysing chemicals.
  • Examples show implemented in LAMS
  • History - TLRP programme (beautiful teaching materials nobody using - how can transfer),  Reusable Education Software Library (Helen Beetham), DfES e-learning strategy, JISC D4L programme
  • Currently working on London Pedagogical Planner -

Gráinne Conole
11:48pm 28 May 2009

Nice connection with some of the current work on learning design such as the London Pedagogical Planner that Juliette mentioned aboved, Pheobe and our work on

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