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Then and Now

Eileen Scanlon talking at CALRG 09

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Gráinne Conole
18 May 2009

A personal reflection

Whereabouts 1979 –2009 Milton Keynes, Palo Alto, Cambridge, Institute of Education and Cambridge

Eileen reflected alsoon the different contexts of her research – students, teachers etc

She touched on twocurrent project – Personal Inquiry and X-Delia

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Patrick McAndrew
3:24pm 18 May 2009

Eileen Scanlon - bringing things together with a review of `'then and now". This included her time with Xerox EuroPARC, Institute of Education and Edinburgh University when she grew to appreciate the good facilities and friendly people. Recent work covers the PI project, and X-Delia: an interesting project to develop games to help financial planning and trading. The evaluation approach links design with evaluation. Final reflections brought Eileen back to the well founded laboratory ... and wonderful colleagues.

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