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Argumentation and mapping tools for sensemaking

Simon Buckingham Shum at CALRG09

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Patrick McAndrew
19 May 2009

Simon gave an overview of the work he and his hypermedia group have carried out. This work is based on how should we now be moving on from papers as the basis for sharing research (and learning) through better ways to present and argue idea. He showed what he gets excited about - better automation, more recognition (best paper at ACM goes to a hypertext document), better tools (Rationale, DebateGraph, Cohere (grab ideas as notes from the web)). The basis for Simon's work he explained as Ritter's IBIS argumentation approach. Simon now has a lot of examples of people building good discussions and arguments from school child to PhD student to Nasa scientists. His parallel work has been on scholarly ontologies and the way that this helps people develop expertise. His current work applies all this in SocialLearn, ESSENCE and OLnet. He ended on "confrontational computing" from Intel - and the suggestion to Google Intel Think Link.

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