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Discussant on Argumentation Symposium CALRG09

Richard Joiner summarise at CALRG09

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Patrick McAndrew
19 May 2009

Richard distinguished the aspects of learning to argue against arguing to learn. The overlap between these being a facto in common for many of the talks. The forcefulness of arguments may well depend on needs: arguing to sell v arguing to learn. The tools can also help reveal to the researchers what learners are doing but can also reveal to learners and teachers the weaknesses in arguments and areas that need to be addressed. He also came up with the opportunity for a Reading Group support tool.

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Gráinne Conole
6:47am 20 May 2009

Thanks for submitting these Patrick - nice to can an overview of the argumentation symposium - really sorry I wasn't able to be there, this is a nice substitute!

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