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An ePortfolio as evidence of research skills

Compiling evidence of skills can be streamlined with an ePortfolio, supported by online guidance.

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29 April 2008

PhD students are required to provide evidence of skills developed during their doctoral research, but compiling such evidence can be a time-consuming task.

In this scheme, science, maths and technology students complete an audit of their generic skills audit early in their PhD work. This audit directs them to online resources which offer guidance on what evidence to present for skills which they already have and how to develop new skills. Students are encouraged to file skills evidence in an ePortfolio, and to have it checked by their supervisor, as part of their normal working routine.

The ePortfolio is assessed simultaneously with the PhD thesis, but independently of it. [James Bruce]

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Of course an ePortfolio can be used for many purposes to support learning and to support the learner. Although the ePortfolio as a 'product' is useful, it is the ePortfolio process that is really the important 'thing' for learning. By encouraging the learner to share their plans, achievements and reflections, it supports Assessment for Learning and encourages the learner to take control of their own learning.


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