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Who owns the information?

Anne Adams, John Woodthorpe and Pauline Ngimwa

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Patrick McAndrew
20 May 2009

nne Adams described how the way that Web2.0 has changed attitudes to sharing and information - so that we will need to rethink how we operate ourselves as researchers and academics. The availability of information through digital libraries can be intellectualised but also generates emotive reactions. E.g in the medical world sharing and openness the use of computers as prevalent raises issues of who should have access and when. Within the OU the work on encouraging students to find further resources (fOUndIT project) - revealing that while this could empower the learners, use was mainly to look for those resources others had found. A third example is the use of digital libraries in Africa through institutional and community initiatives such as VeSeL. With again potential to change the role of the students. While it is clear that we need to pay attention to plans and design aspects it is important to remember the emotive dimension.

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