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e-Assessment with constructive feedback

Denise Whitelock at CALRG09

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Patrick McAndrew
20 May 2009

Denise Whitelock considered work on e-Assessment covering several previous projects. SIMLINK used simulations originally designed for independent use but "yoked" so that paired use is possible. "Open Comment" provided as a question type in Moodle for formative assessment rather than summative. Offering various question types that try to bring out causal reasoning. Free text entry is allowed with feedback based on looking for the ideas that are in the text having used existing tutor feedback. The factors that emerge include making sure that students know the "Rules of the Game" i.e. how the question should be tackled as well as the question itself. Open Mentor looked at reflecting back to tutors how their National Union of Students have established principles of effective assessment that show students want similar approaches to staff.

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