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Self-regulated learning with computer-based simulation

Eunice Olakanmi at CALRG09

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Patrick McAndrew
20 May 2009

Eunice Olakanmi looking at self-regulated learning - i.e. learning through their own motivation. This approach could be supported through a computer-based environment that helps choice to learning. The theoretical basic is Bandura's socio-cognitive cycle.  The study looked at Yr 9 KS3 students learning Chemistry using a scientific simulation. The students were either self-regulated in how they used a simulation or taken through a sequence of steps with a general advice sheet. Pre and post test was used to judge both their knowledge and their attitude. The results showed a statistically significant difference with those prompted through a SRL approach providing better answers and achieving hight marks. There was also a marked difference in the behaviour in terms of recognising the stages such as planning etc.

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