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Podcasting: learning by doing

With a new technology, such as podcasting, students can best understand it by experiencing it – as both user and producer.

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29 April 2008

A major aim of this course is to give professional teachers and managers a better understanding of eLearning by allowing them to experience learning technologies as students and users. In this activity, students first listen to a selection of podcasts (recommended by the course or located for themselves) and make a podcast themselves, which they upload for other students to access. They then listen to the podcasts (commenting on a wiki if they wish) and write a critique of at least two of those they have experienced, including at least one from a student, according to set criteria: both technical (eg audibility) and communicative (eg how well the speaker engages their audience). They can add this critique and their reflections on the activity to their ePortfolio, which contributes to their end-of-course assessment. [Adrian Kirkwood]

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Nathan Lomax
4:17pm 16 September 2009 (Edited 9:05am 18 October 2009)


This is a great idea for an alternative to videos for Arabic girls for whom photography is taboo.


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