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Making Video Accessible

Nick Freear at CALRG09

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Patrick McAndrew
20 May 2009

Nick Freear described an approach to making video more accessible through captioning of video. This can appear to be a solved problem with youtube supporting the use of captions (but only added by the author and not accessible), the OU producing transcripts - but not captions, a range of accessible players - but none doing the whole job. Nick's suggested way forward is collective approach demonstrated through dotSUB a site where anyone can add their own captions and multiple captions are possible.

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Thanks for the write-up Patrick! The slides are on Slideshare.

Multimedia Accessibility - CALRG ′09, slide 1

Nick Freear
11:13 on 4 September 2009

And, here is an embed of the slides: Presentation on Multimedia accessibility, Slideshare

Nick Freear
10:52 on 7 September 2009

One of the biggest problems is trying to find tools, examples etc of described video online. The BBC iplayer has audio described programs, but one gets the sense that these are the same ones that would be described for tv anyway. It is hard to find online video- that is produced strictly for an online environment- which is also described.

BBC's Audio Description Category on the iplayer can be found at the following link:

Wendy Porch
09:22 on 18 September 2009

The Stretch project looked at trying to make various forms of art, including videos, more accessible to people with disabilities. The link is provided under links above.

Wendy Porch
09:25 on 18 September 2009

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Gráinne Conole
11:16am 7 September 2009

Nice one NIck! I have managed to embed slideshare presentations and a video - excellent! :-)

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