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Improving information literacy and skills the case of iKnow

Anne Hewling paper CARLG 09 conference

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Patrick McAndrew
20 May 2009

Anne Hewling talked about iKnow a "gem of a project" addressing the problems people have in searching for information. A quote from 2007 showed £3.7billion is wasted looking for information. iKnow therefore set out to produce and refine learning materials that can help develop information skills in the workplace. These are rolled out and evaluated but has an uncertain future at the moment as it can work as both a paid for resource and a free resource. iKnow builds on ideas in the SAFARI system that was designed for academic and students to use. The current site is also about to get a revamp to improve accessibility and ease of use.  The system has been improved by paying attention to feedback and offering templates to provide customised content - particularly at the beginning and end. Anne also outlined changes - the example given was audio that played in isolation to linked and interwoven audio that is guided and unified into the design with a transcript available.

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