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EdTech conference twitter archive

Live tweets at EdTech conference 21-22 May 2009

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Gráinne Conole
21 May 2009

topgold: Every contractor I've met at #edtech09 has worked for at least 3 different companies since 1997.
Thu May 21 14:35:13 2009
ILTAtweets: Angelica Risquez references a recent study she undertook in UL on plagiarism #edtech09
Thu May 21 14:35:03 2009
topgold: Behind @sharonlflynn in Angelica Risquez' talk about suspicious assignments. #edtech09
Thu May 21 14:31:39 2009
topgold: @hjames You're in luck because @kcor1964 starts in 13 minutes. #edtech09
Thu May 21 14:30:00 2009
sharonlflynn: #edtech09 Nice to catch up with old friends Peter Shipley from Learning Objects and Linda Storey from Echo360 at lunchtime.
Thu May 21 14:27:05 2009
sharonlflynn: #edtech09 Angelica Risquez talking about Turnitin at UL
Thu May 21 14:21:00 2009
topgold: Anti-plagiarism software has a 5 yr track record in several Irish universities. #edtech09
Thu May 21 14:18:37 2009
ILTAtweets: Check out some photos of the day on (or upload your own to flickr, tagging them with edtech09) #edtech09
Thu May 21 14:14:28 2009
ILTAtweets: Check out some photos of the day on (or upload your own to flicker, tagging them with edtech09) #edtech09
Thu May 21 14:10:01 2009
topgold: @kcor1964 I came to #edtech09 so I can tweet your talk for those on other continents who wish they were in sunny Dublin today.
Thu May 21 14:07:30 2009
kcor1964: #edtech09 About to talk about eLearning content-obsession: "The king is dead. Long live the king"
Thu May 21 14:01:40 2009
topgold: Listening to Kevin O'Rourke tell his audience that the king is dead at #edtech09.
Thu May 21 14:00:52 2009
higgsy1980: #edtech09 through link with terry I am following this cross conference chat- thanks even though I am not there!
Thu May 21 13:23:01 2009
kcor1964: #edtech09 George Lee for Finance portfolio, apparently
Thu May 21 13:07:49 2009
kcor1964: #edtech09 DAffy Duck voted the best possible leader of the country
Thu May 21 13:05:29 2009
sharonlflynn: #edtech09 Lunchtime!
Thu May 21 13:02:26 2009
topgold: Listening to Niall Watts and daydreaming about Twitter as a Community of Practise under Salmon's Model. #edtech09
Thu May 21 13:00:52 2009
sharonlflynn: #edtech09 nice wordle! Students could select a wiki tool - wiki comparison an interesting side effect of the project.
Thu May 21 12:52:39 2009
gconole: cloudscape for EdTech conference in Dublin #edtech09 @sclater keynote this morning, wonder how it went?
Thu May 21 12:52:13 2009
kcor1964: #edtech09 Clickers!
Thu May 21 12:47:43 2009
sharonlflynn: #edtech09 Hannah Barton talking about using wikis.
Thu May 21 12:44:06 2009
smithtk: #edtech09 Translating in-class course to online course
Thu May 21 12:30:49 2009
sharonlflynn: #edtech09 User account management would be a nightmare across and institution. Spontaneous deletions?
Thu May 21 12:30:09 2009
smithtk: #edtech09 play, fun. violin, students want more
Thu May 21 12:28:46 2009
smithtk: #edtech09 nice usage of notes in high/low pitch learning, pattern matching
Thu May 21 12:25:39 2009
sclater: i'm wondering about the affordances of google docs for collaboration rather than wikis #edtech09. damn, i used the word affordances
Thu May 21 12:22:30 2009
sharonlflynn: #edtech09 now at session on Using Google Docs to support project based learning. Not sure that overview of Google Docs is necessary?
Thu May 21 12:22:14 2009
kcor1964: #edtech09 Two concurrent sessions cancelled in 12.00 slot
Thu May 21 12:21:18 2009
smithtk: #edtech09 violin - heard melodies -touch notes in SW - building melody roadmaps
Thu May 21 12:18:27 2009
sclater: @kcor1964 #edtech09 i find that quite refreshing / relaxing
Thu May 21 12:17:51 2009
kcor1964: @sclater #edtech09 We're not too good at timekeeping either!
Thu May 21 12:16:18 2009
sharonlflynn: timings are all out at #edtech09. Taking the opportunity for a little break.
Thu May 21 12:14:04 2009
sclater: the only problem with irish people is that they insist on calling me nile rather than kneel #edtech09
Thu May 21 12:13:47 2009
joecar: RT @sclatera metacognitive problem when a student thinks they're great when they're actually rubbish #edtech09 nice HE contrast Tapestry
Thu May 21 12:00:36 2009
lastkaled: RT @sclater: a metacognitive problem is when a student thinks they're great when they're actually rubbish #edtech09
Thu May 21 11:58:42 2009
sclater: a metacognitive problem is when a student thinks they're great when they're actually rubbish #edtech09
Thu May 21 11:54:50 2009
sharonlflynn: #edtech09 next up Gerry Grogan on the subject of cognitive tools and critical thinking.
Thu May 21 11:45:48 2009
sharonlflynn: #edtech09 ModLang CoP getting some praise from the floor!
Thu May 21 11:41:50 2009
sharonlflynn: #edtech09 How to develop the SMARTCoPs of the future. Need critical mass. What is the model to aim for?
Thu May 21 11:38:04 2009
sharonlflynn: RT @ILTAtweets See a cloudscape for the conference on - a handy way to keep track of all the tweets #edtech09
Thu May 21 11:35:19 2009
topgold: @seoinin Thinking of your Moodling at #edtech09 as I exceed my Twitter API call limit.
Thu May 21 11:33:03 2009
sharonlflynn: #edtech09 In NDLR session with Claire and Terry talking about the CoP models.
Thu May 21 11:31:30 2009
OEGCONFERENCES: Inside View from Ireland: #edtech09 Musings: AS I MAKE my way to EdTech 09 in Dublin, I'm feeling the pain o..
Thu May 21 11:16:37 2009
regisbarondeau: @smithtk #edtech09 what type of wiki are you implementing? Who are the users?
Thu May 21 11:14:32 2009
h1moodle: @sharonlflynn #moodle and #mahara are good friends (via @moodler) #edtech09
Thu May 21 11:06:11 2009
regisbarondeau: @smithtk #edtech09 also a wiki champion is important to reduce resistance. He will train, promote and remove obstacles
Thu May 21 11:06:01 2009
smithtk: @regisbarondeau #edtech09 - we're hashing that point right now - more scaffolding needed on HOW to do this wiki process for any topic
Thu May 21 11:04:56 2009
mattlingard: Conferences to follow today #edtech09 & #esym09 (live!)
Thu May 21 11:01:57 2009
regisbarondeau: @smithtk #edtech09 from my experience the level of resistance is related to the organization culture
Thu May 21 10:59:45 2009
kcor1964: @smithtk #edtech09 Most undergraduates expect to be taught: they complain that lecturers not doing their job if asked to construct!
Thu May 21 10:55:35 2009

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Muireann OKeeffe
8:57am 4 September 2009

this is great - to see archives of twitter conference feeds- v useful

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