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CALRG 09 Conference twitter archive

twitter archive of calrg conference 18-20th May 2009

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Gráinne Conole
21 May 2009

gconole: summary of all the excellent talks at the #calrg09 conference
openpad: Next group of #calrg09 talks available as clouds in the main cloudscape at
jamesaczel: #calrg09 Jo Iacovides on motivation, engagement and informal in games. Fascinating stuff (ok slight bias!) (expand)
openpad: In final day of #calrg09 Adrian & Lucia
openpad: Caroline Coffin on Contemporary Educational Argumentation at #calrg09
jamesaczel: #calrg09 Caroline Coffin reflects on asynchronous text conferencing & has many excellent ideas for teachers. Need to look out for paper...
openpad: Karen Littleton on Thinking Together at #calrg09 at
openpad: Simon Buckingham Shum at #calrg09
caniko: #calrg09 Karen Littleton presenting work on Thinking Together. This is about promoting effective classroom work.
jamesaczel: #calrg09 Simon Buckingham Shum enthuses about argument annotation and mapping tools. visualisations need only matter to the makers, he says
openpad: Notes on Canan's InterLoc talk at #calrg09 (expand)
jamesaczel: #calrg09 Study by Kieran O'Halloran on book group discourses, using corpus analysis. Claims R more evaluative than interpretative.
jamesaczel: #calrg09 Parallels between modelling of primary science arguments in Shirley Simon's studies & KMi Compendium. Q: Oldfashioned epistemolog?
openpad: Shirley Simon at #calrg09
openpad: RT with correct #calrg09: The argumentation symposium - kicking off with Marlena Petrou on the Talk Factory
openpad: Notes from Marilena's talk at (expand) #calrg09
jamesaczel: #calrg09 Marilena Petrou talks about Talk Factory software for scaffolding children's argumentation in primary science
jamesaczel: In #calrg09 argumentation symposium, looking forward to hearing from Caroline Coffin, Karen Littleton, Shirley Simon and others
jamesaczel: #calrg09 Don't criticize JLB, just because it can't be used in the rain, lacks peace and has fluorescent lights that can't be turned off.
gconole: Diana Laurillard talking about learning design at #calrg09
gconole: Ann Blandford at #calrg09
catrah: #calrg09 Ann Blandford - way forward is richer understanding of resources not just providing them.
gconole: Summary of Kirkwood, Sharples, Ravenscroft and McAndrew #calrg09
jamesaczel: #calrg09 Wonderful description from Ann Blandford: 'An interface that has "prototype" oozing from every pixel.'
dougclow: Had to skip final session of today's #calrg09 - I need to go at original end time and not optimistic we'd hit it starting 20min late :)
johnnigelcook: Ann Blandford mentions WOMBAT! #calrg09
dougclow: Latest liveblog from #calrg09 (expand)
2 days ago from web · Reply · View Tweet
GillClough: Open educational resources - a bit like getting your grolsch for free but mixing it how you like - @openpad #calrg09
gconole: Patrick McAndrew - getting grolsch for free = Open Educational Resources #calrg09

catrah: #calrg09 Patrick McAndrew says our role is not to solve the problem of the digital divide.
GillClough: Do we need learning bouncers whilst learning in the open, social web? #calrg09
jamesaczel: Great talk by @ravensca at #calrg09 emphasizing pedagogies afresh.
GillClough: Do we need learning bouncers whilst learning in the open, social web? # calrg09
dougclow: @jamesaczel Or indeed this one which should update as more comes! #calrg09
gconole: Andrew Ravenscroft talking about dialogue and argumentation at #calrg09
jamesaczel: #calrg09 Try this link instead... (expand)
catrah: #calrg09 Are we designing learning for 'homebrewers' or beer consumers.
GillClough: #calrg09 So.....only Tim O'Shea and Doug Clow have brewed beer or wine and had it actually taste nice.
jamesaczel: - #calrg09 live blogging by @dougclow (expand)
R3beccaF: OU techie history? Feel free to update (expand) #calrg09
gconole: Mike Sharples talking about CYCLOPS at #calrg09
catrah: #calrg09 Cyclops exposed the importance of simple and clearly understood interface design (UX)
catrah: #calrg09 Cyclops reduced student costs but increased OU costs
GillClough: #calrg09 Mike Sharples talking about Cyclops. Amazingly cumbersome but really popular with students!
caniko: #calrg09 does anyone know where we can find the CYLOPS video? I tried with no luck...
catrah: #calrg09 OU had Cyclops telewriting system almost 30 years ago. Social Networking ahead of its time.
jamesaczel: #h809 blogger Jo Iacovides wins "most interesting research question" category in #calrg09 conference poster awards by Sir Tim O'Shea
gconole: English in Action project #calrg09
gconole: Adrian Kirkwood talking about OU's initial move to incorporate computers in courses #calrg09
jamesaczel: RT @dougclow @Anesa Hosein wins learner-centred category in #calrg09 conference poster awards by Sir Tim O'Shea
johnnigelcook: Good chats to colleagues I have, in some cases, known for years at lunch time at #calrg09 My slot went well!
caniko: #calrg09 512K for about £500 pounds, things change, (Adrian Kirkwood presenting)
dougclow: 1st OU course computer reqd, 1988: an MS-DOS machine with 512K memory, disk storage, mouse, and capable of supporting graphics. #calrg09
catrah: #calrg09 Adrian Kirkwood talking about OU Home Computing
gconole: great summary of the poster session by Tim O'Shea at #calrg09
MartynCooper: #calrg09 PEARL runner-up in Educationally Relevant, 3D Audio runner-up in Technical Innovation, EU4ALL also recognised.
catrah: #calrg09 session after lunch just starting
dougclow: Just seen Diana Laurillard using ... a Mac laptop! Would surprise some people involved in the old Single Platform debate years ago. #calrg09
nuimaccess: Keeping an eye on proceedings over at #calrg09
gconole: Claire O'Malley talking about 20 yrs of CSCL research #calrg09
catrah: #calrg09 People say less when they can see each other. Do we really need more than 140 characters when we meet people face to face?
catrah: #calrg09 Claire O'Malley on the challenge of establishing the truth of communication via video links.
MartynCooper: CSCL #calrg09 Communication based on science simulations - is it better to walk or run in the rain? - a brisk walk apparently
chrisrjones: Just about to go and stand by our poster for the Net Gen project #calrg09
MartynCooper: Claire O' Malley #calrg09 20 years of CSCL ... Computer supporting collaboration but not getting in the way; power of representations; ...
gconole: twitter ye not cloud #calrg09
MartynCooper: Does size matter? #calrg09 - printed/electronic media sizes - broadsheet, tabloid, compact, 32 MB 140 char ....
MartynCooper: Is there anything relative finger length can't explain? #calrg09 - sexuality, fertility, sports prowess, academic ability ....
gconole: rick about about dolly the sheep #calrg09
MartynCooper: Dolly - why is there only one sheep? #calrg09 - scientists didn't expect experiment to work - was she a clone?
gconole: Rick Holliman doing his talk as a series of tweets! v cool! #calrg09
GillClough: Lots of references to shared experiences of the past. I'm OK with Star Trek, Spock and Siler but who's Alan Shearer ? #calrg09
MartynCooper: Rick Holliman #calrg09 "Twitter ye not" - so what is coming?
catrah: #calrg09 Talk about the role of Strawberry Switchblade in the history of CALRG

dougclow: John Cook is now an 'investigative DJ' on - not just eLearning Prof. #calrg09
jamesaczel: #calrg09 John Cook, investigative DJ, entertains...
gconole: hey john cook has blipfm dj site - excellent must look up! #calrg09
gconole: John Cook's talk at #calrg09
gconole: John Cook talking now - interesting to see how his research ideas have developed from his PhD work #calrg09
catrah: #calrg09 John Cook on using AI techniques to teach music composition to undergraduates.
R3beccaF: @andrew_x @dougclow Yes, I'm following via Twitter and Doug's liveblog as well. Very helpful. #calrg09
andrew_x: @dougclow thanks v much for live blog of #calrg09 , u r enabling me to follow the event :-)
dougclow: Liveblog from Session 1 of #calrg09 (expand)
GillClough: #calrg09 this has to be the most interesting set of talks I've ever been to.
gconole: excellent talk by karen littleton #calrg09
catrah: #calrg09 value of low ceremony methods of capturing collaborative thinking - must be easily changed. Value of simple diagrams.
gconole: Karen Littleton learning to collaborate - collaborating to learn #calrg09
catrah: #calrg09 Interesting point from Karen Littleton about exploratory talk and the value of constructive discussion in the early learning
jamesaczel: #calrg09 Suddenly noticed some old friends in the room. Boy, my eyesight is getting bad...
jamesaczel: #calrg09 Liking 15min presentation length. Ann Jones, @gconole, Karen Littleton. interaction via Twitter
catrah: #calrg09 talking about vale of pair learning? Are we thinking about how we do pair/team course design? What informs our decisions?
MartynCooper: #calrg09 Karen Littleton - Children's collaborative learning with computers
MartynCooper: Arrived at #calrg09 at last @gconole speaking about here career. Her "Birth discipline" Chemistry we carry these with us. Mine Cybernetics
jamesaczel: #calrg09 TO'S - Future is learner/researcher continuum. Agree, but would say we all can learn, teach & research
gconole: @jamesaczel i think digital divide is still there narrower but deeper... #calrg09
jamesaczel: #calrg09 TO'S - future computing is extreme, sensible & democratic. Digital divide not an issue (?)
catrah: #calrg09 Good point from Tim O'Shea about the continuum from learner to researcher. Electronic assesment - non-textual assessment - yes!!
gconole: Some predictions on future directions of ICT from Tim O'Shea at #calrg09
dougclow: Tim O'Shea says haptics and 3D and sounds and colour are all very well but we need smellivision to complete the set of modalities #calrg09
jamesaczel: Listening to Tim O'Shea on history of research in computers & learning at #calrg09
caniko: #calrg09 Tim O'Shea talks about CALRG's 'foundation' years, quite interesting
catrah: #calrg09 Historically cross unit cooperation was difficult. But good sense of where technology could be used.
catrah: #calrg09 Most CAL research centres have closed. Are the assumptions underlying our current activities still valid?
gconole: nice kick off presentation by Ann Jones at #calrg09
GillClough: #calrg09 fascinating talk by Ann Jones. Now I understand what a bubble dialogue is :-)
catrah: #calrg09 Statement that research should be fun, creative and supportive. Should learning environments also have those characteristics?
gconole: @catrah yes interesting to do this historical perspective and see what is still important now #calrg09
caniko: Listening to Ann Jones at #calrg09, I like photos in presentations
catrah: #calrg09 Historically students had bad experiences with computers. What has changed since?
jobadge: @liamgh rt@Marmara: OU - Computers & Learning Research Group (CALRG) Annual Conference 2009 19-20 May (expand) #calrg09
openpad: Off to good start with Josie at #calrg09
catrah: Attending #calrg09. Full house in the room.
dougclow: In the #calrg09 30th Anniversary Conference ... and we're nearly ready to start.
gconole: nice mix of presentations by current IET folk and people who used to be at the OU #calrg09 cloudscape at
gconole: looking forward to what looks like an excellent day at the #calrg09 conference at the OU!
MartynCooper: Morning world - real and virtual! #calrg09 conference today at the Open University - Tweets to follow.
openpad: Fiddling with slides for #calrg09 talk tomorrow - should be good get together.
gconole: @johnnigelcook looking forward to seeing u follow cloudscape for #calrg09 feel free to add clouds on yr wk
methel: RT @Marmara Open University - Computers & Learning Research Group (CALRG) Annual Conference 2009. 19-20 May. (expand) #calrg09
Marmara: Open University - Computers & Learning Research Group (CALRG) Annual Conference 2009. 19-20 May. (expand) #calrg09 RT pls.
Marmara: Open University - Computers & Learning Research Group (CALRG) Annual Conference 2009 19-20 May (expand) #calrg09 RT pls.
jamesaczel: RT @martyncooper: Going to Computers and Learning Research Group 30th Anniversary Conference #calrg09 18-20 May Contact:
MartynCooper: Going to Computers and Learning Research Group 30th Anniversary Conference #calrg09. 18-20 May. Contact:
mbgaved: trying out cloudworks because I am part of CALRG09 conference. Not quite getting it yet.
mbgaved: #calrg09 finding rocks for my CALRG09 demo

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Gráinne Conole
12:53pm 10 July 2009

Hi hope the twitter archive and the clouds in the CALRG cloudscape give you a flavour of the event which was really excellent - a nice mix of refletive talks and updates on current projects.

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