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JISC OER startup - initial session

David Kernohan and Tish Roberts introducing OER day on June 8th 2009

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Patrick McAndrew
9 June 2009

David Kernoham and Tish Roberts from JISC introduced the event at the TUC Congress building in London. David gave a general information before Tish gave a breakdown of the areas involved in the pilot programme: subject, institution, individual projects and support (including OU involvement via HEFCE SCORE) and an evaluation & synthesis study.

The OER programme is not about funding content – but about giving space and time to explore the OER agenda from different perspectives, seeing OER as a route for change. The aim to gather feedback for future programmes and to feed into information for everyone (not just the funded). The OU is flagged up at this point as instrumental in drawing upon rest of the world.

Unique features of the JISC programme are the national scale, the multiple and diverse directions, and the aim to learn from the experience.

The aim for sustainability is that the projects will embed the process of releasing OER based on having actually released material during the pilot phase.

David then talked in more detail about the OER support function – referring to Lorna Campbell's blog post about the myths that already surround the programme. The Support area is funded at aout £450K of which £50K supports an evaluation & synthesis function by Glasgow Caledonian University. The support aims to benefit the whole sector not just the programme by enhancing existing sources of supprt and expertise. This includes HEA and JISC services already in place (plus contribution from OU) – this is more sustainable than building an "OER support services". The support breakdown requested from the bidder meeting was:
o    IPR/Legal
o    JorumOpen
o    Standards & Metadata
o    Communities of practice
o    Project management issues
o    Other (including accessibility)
Key to using the support is to get in touch, "Second Tuesday" events, guidance, meetings and the programme management within JISC.

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