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Jorum and JorumOpen at JISC OER startup

Nicola SIminson

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Patrick McAndrew
9 June 2009

Nicola Siminson described how the existing Jorum repository that shares content between UK HE institutions is becoming more open as JorumOpen – this will mean institutional licences are not needed either for depositing material or using it.  Instead individual (in UK FE and HE institutions) depositing is allowed. There will still be JorumEducationUK and JorumPlus for more restricted uses. Advantages of openness:
o    Open access
o    Searchable e.g. by Google
o    Complete search
o    No logging on to download
o    Creative commons
o    Worldwide availability of UK materials
Simplified workflow to decide whether material can go into Jorum, then actual deposit via (authenticated access at the moment while in pilot). The tool was shown in action: fairly simple, link or upload, title, keywords, author, CC license choice, and then do it. Further information can be added optionally to give more metadata. Feedback needed as tool is currently in beta particularly targeting the JISC OER projects.
Discussion followed about multiple licenses that might happen from using links rather than uploading.
Jorum Community Bay at as a place for discussion across the OER feedback.
Request that projects:
o    Use deposit tool
o    Provide contacts
o    Use community bay – become a guest contributor
When testing the deposit tool if state that objects have a test status in the metadata they will be picked out. Better though to test with background papers/presentations that projects would be happy for the world to see.
Question – will JorumOpen allow versioning? Answer is that at the moment not supported directly so new versions appear as new objects.

Jorum teaching and learning competition is running competition is also open until 3rd July 2009 (with cash prizes).

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