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CETIS OER Startup presentation

Phil Barker

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Patrick McAndrew
9 June 2009

Phil Barker about CETIS support for UKOER programme.

Phil gave background on the CETIS – the support centre for educational technology and interoperability. Existing domains, SIGs  and working groups will be of interest to projects involved in OER but also considering setting up a working group just for OER. Blogs are a key mode for CETIS with useful blogs such as Phil's, Li's, Lorna's and Sheila's - collates OER information and relevant blog posts. Including Li's very good paper on OER.

CETIS approach includes adopting and using web2.0 services and also encouraging all others to do so. This means tackling the issues of how these should be described and the experience of the OER projects will be a key part of this.

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