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Evaluation and synthesis for JISC OER programme

Allison Littlejohn and Helen Beetham

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Patrick McAndrew
9 June 2009

Glasgow Caledonian and involving Helen Beetham, Lou McGill, Karen Smith as well as Allison. The background for OER is as part of global move described as linkin concumption to contribution to connection. Mention also of Scott Leslie's PLE framework and work by Hal Jarsche. The Capetown Open Declaration was cited as setting out how OER should work and a point of comparison. Strands for evaluation applying a common framework tool – dimensions of openness, structuring, and issues – too look at individual, subject and institutional aspects.
Result to be common issues, reflection, cultural differences, and recommendations.

Helen Beetham explained that approach to encourage shared evaluation – not an external evaluation just leading to final report, rather feeding in through interim meetings and intervention at report drafting stages. Result will include a final generic framework together with methods as well as findings and recommendations. First feedback loop is that a sheet of evaluation questions reflected back to the projects setting out research questions that can map individual project evaluation actions. Background resources pointed to include the CETIS OER report.

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