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Olnet OER design workshop

OLnet workshop at Eden conference 2009

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Gráinne Conole
10 June 2009

The workshop will introduce participants to use a range of tools, methods and approaches to designing and evaluating Open Educational Resources (OERs). The session will include an overview of the OLnet initiative which is a new global network of support for researchers, users and producers of OERs. Participants will have a chance to try out some of the tools that have been developed as part of OLnet and to discuss relevance and application to their own practice. See also the related Olnet cloudscape and the OULDI cloudscape, which have additional resources.


  1. An awareness of the range of resources, tools and methods which are available to support the design and evaluation of OERs – including case studies of good practice, learning object repositories and learning design tools/methods
  2. An understanding of the OLnet initiative and how it can be used to support the design and evaluation of OERs
  3. Experience of thinking about the OER effectiveness cycle from different perspectives
  4. Hands on experience of some of the OLnet tools including CompendiumLD for visualising designs, Cloudworks for sharing and discussing the creation and use of OERs and Cohere for the development of complex collaborative co-argumentation and ideas
  5. An understanding of how the OLnet can be applied in their own teaching context. 

 Workshop outline
1.    An introduction to the workshop and aims

2.    Challenges and opportunities with OERs

3.    Think-Pair-Share exercise

4.    Translation into an explict dsign

5.    Introduction to Olnet

6.    Walk through example: Reusing Spanish resources

7.    Exercise: Representation of the design of K113

8.    Sharing designs and use of pedagogical patterns

9.    Share new redesigns

10.  Conclusions and evaluation

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