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Research questions on the design and reuse of OER

An evolving set of research questions exploring how we can get more effective design and reuse of OER

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Gráinne Conole
1 July 2009

Research questions
•    What is a comprehensive set of tools and approaches for capturing designs?
•    How do teachers and learners currently go about the design process?
•    What would a facilitative design-interface layer between users and content/designs consist of? What tools, methods, approaches and workshop outlines would we need to include?
•    How do we make the products of this work relevance to practice? Criteria for success:  do people use it!
•    What is it that helps people take up and use OER and designs?
•    How are people using our material (or not!)?
•    Three types of actors and associated research questions:
1.    How do we support teachers in the design of OERs or design the use of OERs?
2.    Evaluating researchers in the OER field, how do we support them in the process of identifying, creating and visualising the OER designs and patterns?
3.    What would good learning structures to support the use of OERs by learners look like?

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