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Resources: Tools and approaches for supporting the design and reuse of OER

Olnet away day 1st - 2nd July 09

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Gráinne Conole
1 July 2009

In the Olnet away day (1-2nd July 09) the following ideas were brainstormed in terms of tools, methods and approaches that the London Knowledge Lab (LKL), University of Valladolid (UVA) and Open University (OU) research groups have generated to date. Our interest is in exploring how we might now combine and use these more effectively together.

Shared tools, resources and approaches
•    LKL Patterns workshop methodology
•    LKL Patterns workshop case study template
•    LKL Methodology for developing a domain ontology + an example
•    LKL Two suites of online tools for each part of the methodology
•    UVA Collaborative patterns set
•    UVA Web collage
•    UVA Patterns methodology process
•    UVA Implementation and enactment – creating and running a design
•    UVA Methodology for creating a patterns language
•    UVA Workshop format for mapping patterns language
•    UVA Ontoolsearch
•    OU CompendiumLD
•    OU Methodologies for visualisation of designs
•    OU Cloudworks for sharing and discussing
•    OU Learning design workshop materials
•    OU Cloudfests to generate ideas and designs
•    OU Open Learn materials
•    OU Open learn tools
•    OU Cohere
•    OU SocialLearn?
•    OU Learning activity taxonomy

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