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Scenario: Tools and methods to support a learner of spanish

Scenario for Olnet at Olnet away day

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Gráinne Conole
1 July 2009

I am a learner of Spanish. I want to be able to findlearning patterns and tools to help me with different aspects of my learning. Iwant a way to connect with other learners at the same level. I want to havedifferent structured suggestions for sessions with study buddies. I want amechanism to check my understanding of something with a peer. I want resourcesand tools related to specific aspects of my learning. I want a means ofaggregating my learning space  - soI can aggregate my resources and so that I can see my progress/development. Iwant different aspects of ‘good’ pedagogy in relation to language learning tobe made explicit and usable for me but not in a patronising way.

System has a bank of designs and patterns that aremeta-tagged with key words that can be presented to the learner depending onwhat they enter in terms of what they want. But also the learner can start tobecome part of a shared community so that they can discuss and share withothers.

Components: Designs/patterns, resources, tools, community

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