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Scenario: OLnet OER Advisor

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Patrick McAndrew
1 July 2009

Bob is a learner who is thinking about climate change. He has found several relevant sources of information some of which claim to be Open Educational Resources - these seem to offer more chance for him to organise his thoughts and he would be prepared to invest sometime in developing a worked out position but other reading all the information how can he work out where to start?

The he notices the OLnet PatternPlus OER Adviser. He quickly selects a few choices about how he would like to learn - with a friend, but spread over time, producing a result etc. The Adviser suggests that he takes a mixed approach drawing on several patterns which it names (he could click to find out more but that does not interest him) - instead he follows the "so you want to get started" option which takes the OER results of the search he just carried out and say now choose what you want to think about... He picks from themes from the resources and gets started: in a while he clicks to come back to share his thoughts with Jim who has similar interests...

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