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Scenario: Creating an OER course module on mobile learning

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Niall Winters
1 July 2009

  • Before creating my module, I want to know what other resources on this topic are available across OER repositories. Is there a meta-search engine available?
  • I need to develop an activity. I could use patterns to aid this process but again will fall into the search problem.
  • Lastly, I need a method to apply the patterns to the OER to support my reuse of it. Do such methods exist? Might a learning design help?

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Patrick McAndrew
2:22pm 2 July 2009


Scenario considers how to search across OER and Patterns but how to then take patterns and then want to get them to give back to the benefit of the community.
Doug: Basis of funding for OLnet - lots of stuff there but how to get it used. How to get teachers and learners to use it ... through patterns/learning designs.
Me: Careful not to image that people will do things beyond simply say "use this in this way"
Yannis: Grainne process flow - learning design plus link plus user it like that way. Support in loosely coupled way.
Niall: More empowering to be a designer rather than creator.
Tina: Cultural issues across countries as well
Elpida: How to track the patterns in use - take advantage of the paths of others. Learning patterns in use. Focus group approach
Yannis: UVA patterns have been used online and did want to track the usage but actually tools issues in logging all the activity.
Elpida: Go to OpenLearn and ask users to follow a particular patterns - what then happens in reality?
Elpida: brand reputation - LDs and patterns with trails

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