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Scenario: Design of a 50 min lecture

Design of a 50 min lecture on: "The origins of OER research"

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Anna De Liddo
1 July 2009

Rebecca is a researcher in OER and she has to give a 50 minute lecture on the hystory of OER. She enter the OLnet platform and she type in the site search: "What are the OER origins?" the system give her back as a list of OER on the topic, every OER has an image and a hypermedia summary associated to it (text and video).... since she is a visual person she often deside to focus on  resource when she is atttracted by the image...  she finds a couple of interesting resources so she tag them and she import them in her favorite...Ones she is satisfied with three resources she drag and drop them in the canvas. Ones in the canvas the resources are fragmented in sections and paragraphs . ..she can drag and drop in the canvas also just parts she want to reuse. The system also give her a list of learning patterns on the hystory of OER.....every patterns has again a hypermedia summary that she can explore and she realize that one of them is exactly describing the experience that she want her student have! she drag and drop it in the canvas, the learnign design pattern unfold as a bar she can scroll forward and backwords. Every step in the learning pattern is a fragment that she can in a movie maker tool...she is preatty exhited about that.....every piece is connected by a link that is explianig the semantic between the fragments (Why they are connected), and this helps her in the exploration...., she now starts to compose her new learnin pattern: her presentation for the lecture... At some point she realize that she need to associate references so she go in the area of 'references' and she drag and drop her reference in the learning pattern ban.....she like the reference to be at the end but actually she could put them everywhere and connect to the relevant she would like to add some images so she explore the suggested images area, she finds there pictures that she would like to reuse....she pick up a few of them... at the end she export her job in several multimedia formats, jpg ppt...she is ready for the lecture!

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Patrick McAndrew
2:26pm 2 July 2009

View of OLnet as a "remix desk" for OER. Plus is that this would mean that people could interact with system. But seems to depend a lot on good descriptions of the OER as well. "Free lecture maker" pattern - images, resources, references, Movie Maker style interface.Could link through to others trying this such as


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