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Scenario of "Introductory computer networks"

A scenario of a teacher who needs to repurpose a course structure

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Yannis Dimitriadis
1 July 2009

I join a course on "Introductory Computer Networks" and initially I follow the same course structure proposed by the professors of that course. However, it seems that students are not active learners and they are not engaged with the course. The assessment results are not satisfactory. I guess that the main reason for not achieving good results can be identified with the lack of significativity of of the course structure (bottom-up approach in network protocols). Then, I look for a resource or OER that suggests a course with a top-down approach (from application to network...). But the OER that I have found is not based on a project-based approach and case studies. So, I need guidance on how to redesign the course and need advice (patterns). I contact people who are more experts or find patterns ... I repuropose the OER that  I have found! Then, I share the new course and the patterns together with my course-team coleagures. And then, I publish he new course, its design and its design-principles or patterns that I have used.

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Patrick McAndrew
2:29pm 2 July 2009

How to change an existing course structure through to a project-basis and case studies. Aim to use new pedagogy as well as new resources. Alternative is the situation when people who are "forced to adopt" - Bologna for EU, Teacher licence, Credit Crunch for world/US?

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