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Scenario: collaborative learning and network protocols

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Juan I. Asensio
1 July 2009

A brief description of a potential OLnet scenari.

Some more information about the "real" course can be found in this paper

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Olnet scenario

Olnet scenario

added by Gráinne Conole


Doug Clow
8:22am 2 July 2009

The link above doesn't work unless you cut-and-paste it - so for convenience, here it is again in a way that should work as a direct click:

Patrick McAndrew
2:19pm 2 July 2009


This scenario brings out three areas patterns, designs, OER
Doug: would be great but raises a lot of issues about the format and may not work well in other domains. How to get into more dynamic situation.
Andrew: benefit for users rather than submitters - how to get benefit to move to submitter side.
Simon: What are the things that people comment on? How can we keep the artefact as a key item.
Tina: the challenge of last weeks share workshop meant that the small area - need context.
Andrew: How to get something that is instantly usable? Pattern add to the digital version that the mapping tool produces?
Niall: Patterns are difficult to use without f2f workshops: visualisation it essential if people are to take them and use them. Collaorative patterns work as they are making things collaborative. Design collaborative activities then have clear.
Patrick: Is there a version of how to design for participative learning

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