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OLnet possible future action lines

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Doug Clow
2 July 2009

Set of ideas for ways forward, generated at the OLnet away day on 2 July 2009:

1.    F2f + virtual workshops – work up as a way of validating the scenarios. Create an online pack to support the current workshops we run. (Like the LKL book.)
2.    Collective intelligence
3.    Data gathering for traces/tracking
4.    Target partnerships to work with: this group LKL, UVA and OU, related OER communities including OER Commons and  Connexions
5.    Patterns Collection – i. Produce a lightweight short list, e.g. about 10-15 patterns 5+2+3, ii. Produce heavyweight list (investigate tools that will help people navigate patterns; iii. Visualisation work – common or shared visualisations
6.    Similar sites survey (Smarthistory, babbel, OER sites and repositories) – participatory science – And iSpot
7.    Work up the scenarios in particular focusing on things we might do
8.    Stick the tools together – Webcollage plus CompendiumLD plus Cloudworks plus patterns plus OER repositories. Support different entry points to the use/reuse/design cycle.

9. Workup the Olnet roadmap deliverable as a semantic wiki of people, projects, concepts, research questions, patterns 

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