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OLnet virtual workshop - brainstorm

A brainstorm of a workshop for "teachers" to make good use of patterns (OLnet away day 2 July 2009)

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Patrick McAndrew
2 July 2009

Discussion to decide what is the best sort of virtual workshop that would help teachers understand how patterns/designs can help use of OER.

Candidate titles:
Sharing and reusing with colleagues (avoid mention of patterns/learning design)
Where to get and how to share resources
Creating better courses with fewer resources
Creating better courses with freer resources **: Using Learning Design and Patterns with OER
How to teach with OER <- avoid acronym unless with JISC OER community

Main focus:Design work on a course that is relevant to them
Stages: illustrate the steps with reasons on the way
Build on: afternoon part of Tuesday workshop 30/6

Understand pattern concepts
Fit of patterns
Link to own context

Part 1
Short introduction (slideshare)
Case studies using the same pattern (jigsaw)
Discovery of patterns by doing and making shareable outputs

Part 2
Apply to own context
Perhaps can be more subject focused
Incentives fot people to stick with it - with flip cameras

Subject based OR seek different fields - subject based will help though.
OER groups
Exeter JISC group in September [HEA funding]
Emphasise the professional connections

Resource pack:
slides (with voice over?)
OER structure - OER for OER
CSCL case as study
1 or 2 more perhaps developed from scenarios
Collaborative patterns
Other patterns
Six month impact survey
Expert advisors on line (cf FELS)
Very short intros for expertise - feedback said more needed though!

Teacher oriented workshop
Validation/choice of techniques - with systems and then move on.
What should we be trying to:
Benefits for us: validation of the ideas, case studies, are the ideas interesting, guided activities, resources or patterns that are significant for them
Engage for six months: Fellows
Cascade out via Fellows
Be clear about the points at each step

How to connect people from different places?
How to connect workshops and stages?
Implies virtual environment.
Launch in September with Exeter (hybrid)
Bring in methodology from the LKL experience.

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Patrick McAndrew
2:16pm 2 July 2009

Background discussion before the focus on the teacher workshop:

Issues to discuss:
- Number
- Duration
Next workshop
- Topic
Resource collection
- Format
- Representations

PLANET workshop approach
- collect experiences in templates
- refine into patterns
- f2f 3 workshops to further review and share
Learning patterns
- similar but all online
- revisions were kept
- Discussion area
- work with community over time
Also now applied to eAssessment by WLE
Aim to integrate these
Initial part aimed to save time - bootstrapping
Worked well: templating via slideshare made people address the same issues - framed online engagement. Framing
Less good: Time. 2 day were more successful than 0.5 day. Virtual worked well over time with people at a distance but not for people coming for just one workshop. Work with people over 6 months/year. Don't know incentive for people to engage at that level. Other project.

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